Yann Martel: The Life of Pi

10 Jan

imagesThis book had so much potential…I really enjoyed the first chapters. I like books about India and about religion.

Alas, what could have become a great piece about India, the world religions, faith and tolerance quickly and abruptly turned into a kind of third-class Robinson Crusoe story about a shipwreck – tedious, uninteresting and pointless. This novel is thus divided into two parts – a very small quite interesting part in the beginning, and an incredibly large, incredibly boring second part that seems to have no connection whatsowever to the very short first part.

I honestly disliked the book, I don’t understand the hype, and it is a pity that it is what it is when it could have been so much more. Maybe I have to read it twice to appreciate it – but unfortunately, the style of writing is not good enough that I could devour this again.


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