Zadie Smith: NW

10 Jan

imagesThis book is a nut hard to crack, but you can see why Smith currently is the Britain’s favourite contemporary author. NW lives and thrives from its flair for location, precisely NW (North-West) of London, the evocation of smells, sounds, tastes, visual and haptic stimuli. Smith lets the reader feel the vibes of her NW through the eyes and minds of her four characters. NW is highly experimental, written in a style which almost classifies as stream of consciousness, and this makes the novel very hard to get into.

However, it is worth lasting through the first 150 pages. Localese is NW’s strong point, and the coat for a subtle of a presentation of the intricacies of the lives of 30-somethings in a cosmopolitan city, whose lives are all different, but strangely intertwined. Sadly, the characters are hard to relate to, are with their dishonesty and self-obsession not likeable.

Had it not been for the ending, which is abrupt and hardly credible, I would have given this work four stars. The weak ending and artistic but awkward style, which is difficult to get into and make this book take a long time to read, unfortunately only amount to three stars.



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